Thursday, 25 August 2011

The amazing FBM Rebugger

Recently, they introduced a new tool called FBM rebugger in our project. It is an amazing tool! While I can't describe all its awesomeness in its entirety, I will try to give you an overview. The main advantages of the tool are as follows

1.       Teaches you more patience
I used to be an impatient person before using this tool. Now, thanks to the invaluable experience gained from this, I am able to easily handle the queue @ dentists and billing queue @ lifestyle/West Side showrooms!

2.       Increases interaction among team mates.
Thing is, once u enter in to the gigantic labyrinth of the fantastic rebugger, chances are high that you won’t be able to come out without external help. So you will be forced to seek help from your colleagues thus improving knowledge sharing and team interaction! In fact, I have interacted so much with my team mates over the last few days that they are getting mysteriously away/offline the moment I ping them!  Way to go!

3.       Social networking
Seriously, is there any other testing tool that helps you to interact with clients as well as testing team from other companies? Nope, I presume! There lies the specialty of rebugger! As soon as I log into rebugger, I receive sweet messages from our XTS testing team as well as clients asking me to kindly log off. Now, I am close buddies with two XTS people and one client side techie! We regularly IM each other!

4.       Increases your average time
Any day from today till the end of the quarter, I can walk out of office @ whatever time I choose and  can still  maintain 9.15  average hours per quarter . I know that most of you will be turning green-eyed with jealousy on reading this. You are welcome to join our project anytime u wish! We are very open hearted people who accept new comers graciously!

5.       Increases creativity
Now this is the most important advantage as far as I am concerned.  I even started infy blogs while waiting for my job to enter Rebugging state. Now I can’t imagine living without rebugger. Imagine the joy of submitting a critical analysis job and waiting for hours for it to enter rebugger. U can blog away to ur heart’s content while waiting!

       Thing is, I believe that this magnificent tool should not be confined to our project team alone. It is not fair to the rest of the organization. They also deserve a chance to work with this. I am hoping the higher management will take due note of this fact.

P.S. work of fiction. Any resemblance to any software, active or obsolete is purely imaginary!

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  1. A Tool like Rebugger is using in the entire orgniztion, As u said even the management make this tool a userfriendly and installed in each sysytems in TATA at the "sametime" they forcing us to dnt use & the funny thing is the reason what they saying is "Citrix Slowness....!!!!"