Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Heart's true desire -A talisman

Ever since I started Infy, I was toying around with the idea of an alternate career. Like all electronics graduates, initially I wanted to work in my core field. Then again, as I had not wasted any time in   college studying, I felt that I was not ready to be released in to unsuspecting public sector core companies. After all, I did not want to blow up a missile or satellite by accident. So i thought of increasing my knowledge as well as percentage by doing M-Tech.
       In the first year, I qualified Gate , went to Coimbatore and  strutted around the Amrita College Campus with characteristic arrogance. ( I had reason to strut, almost all of the applicants had come with their parents. I was the rare breed who had turned up alone! These are times I just love my parents!) When it was time to join, I could not bring myself to commit myself to two years of studying.  I called up my father , informed him that i was not ready yet and will join next year. He grumbled something noncommittal.
       The next year, I actually studied something instead of relying on lady  luck and improved my rank but managed to lose my Gate Score Card! To my credit, i discovered this only on the last day of submitting application. I was informed that i need to get an FIR filed to get a duplicate score card! Seriously, that was too much! Being the lazy git that i am, i laid the matter to rest.
         Anyway, by this time , i had discovered infy blogs and thought i would like to go for journalism. Started an external blog, announced my decision to parents and dreamed for a week about Sainath, Tehelka etc. By the end of the second week, i got bored with the idea. Journalism seemed too lame!

        "Follow ur heart" i have heard this advice too often. But if i had followed my heart every time it wanted something, i would be now homeless, jobless , friendless etc not to mention probably living on street. I sincerely envy those people who knows what they want out of life and stick to it.

          So one fine day, i set out to find out what i really wanted o/o life. I ended up creating a talisman. Here is this.
" Ask urself what would you like to do if there is no power, money, glamour , fame, prestige, etc.,, offered! What would u like to do just for the sake of doing it? Choose it!"

I asked myself this question and the answer i got was strange. I wanted to be green peace volunteer! As my parents were hardly likely to approve this , i took the test once again. I got answers like green entrepreneur either in the sector of renewable energy or e-waste management.Hope things will work out.