Friday, 11 October 2013

A straight forward person's guide to cunningness

The straight forward person’s guide to cunningness

Tip1: Shatter your romantic illusions: You could be the type of romantic fool who thinks that you will be content with a beggar’s bowl and clear conscience and unbent pride. But life seldom works in that manner. You will probably not be able to afford a beggar’s bowl; you won’t get good places to beg near the pathway due to overcrowding and more than everything, you won’t be content.

Tip2: Take note of cunning people: These people matter. Ignoring them or treating them like dirt under your feet would be momentarily satisfactory. But they can make you want to run away to Andromeda galaxy. Period.

Tip3: Be proactive and not reactive: If we are measuring our words, controlling ourselves, it doesn’t mean we are being cowards. The stupid things we end up saying when provoked will definitely be used against us later. So it is better to be proactive. Reserve your anger to inanimate objects like bed, table,wall,etc. They won’t hit back.

Tip4: get rid of that Gryffindor syndrome: It is the most job-wrecking character trait. This disease is commonly found in people with socialist inclination. They will defend not only themselves, but also others .If someone is being treated unfairly, let him or her react against it. If they don’t have a backbone, let them develop it. Life is complicated as it is. No need to complicate it further.

Tip5: Talk less; never disclose anything more than necessary: If we talk less, it will be easy to keep track of what we said. Trivial things we disclose in a moment of solidarity, could be used against us. Moreover, if you talk less, there is less chance of other people knowing the real you. It doesn’t make sense to parade your entire armory in broad daylight.

Tip6: Be less sincere or show sincerity only where it is required: No need to point out that the king/Queen is not wearing clothes if he/she deserves it. If you think the ruler is good, you can make your point in one calm , clear cut statement and leave it at that. Let us not pester.

Tip 7: Never raise your voice: it is better to say sarcastic things in a calm, collected manner than to say comparatively harmless things in loud voice. You can always claim to have acted in a professional manner and also absolve yourselves of the ‘heinous’ crime of shouting.

Tip8: say yes more often!: If you were asked to build a castle on moon by EoD, just point out in a calm pleasant manner that it is not possible and also list the reasons. If the request is repeated, don’t reject it again. Take it up, but make sure your reservations are recorded. And then try till evening or if you are not in the mood, just make a pretense of trying and report in the evening that it could not be done. In this manner, you can claim to have exhibited a positive attitude towards work and also save your neck.

Tip9: Show respect: Show respect to people irrespective of what you think of them. It is good for peace of mind and mental health.

Tip10: Sugarcoat your sentences: I know that this will be a very difficult tip to follow for an innately straight forward person. But this is a necessary evil. We are just going to say the truth in a manner that will be pleasant to the other person as not many people are strong enough to face the truth as it is.

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